Prometrium is a brand-name for Progesterone. Progestrone is a female hormone (progestin). It is made naturally in the female body. This hormone is used to maintain pregnancy, therefore it’s a very important hormone.

Mechanism of action (MOA)

Progestrone is given when your body stops making the natural hormone in the body. Therefore to compensate the loss progesterone is given to females. Mostly females who have amenorrhoea it is used to restore the normal menstrual cycle by negative feedback mechanism.

Uses of Prometrium

1) This drug is used in Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) combined with estrogen to reduce symptoms like hot flashes, irritability etc.

2) Also it is used in combination with estrogen for treating cancer.

3) It is also used in maintaining pregnancy.

4) Embryogenesis

5) It also plays an important role in menstrual cycle.

6) This medicine is not for use in children.

7) Also used in protecting the lining of the uterus for those who use estrogen.

Dosage and Administration

The drug can be taken orally in form of tablets and pills. A single dose of 200miligram for twelve days in sequence of 28 day cycle to a post-menopausal women who is receiving estrogen.

For amenorrhoea a single dose of 400mg at bed time is given for 10 days.

The dosage is given according the condition of patient. If the patient is having problems swallowing tablets then she can take tablets with a glass of water.

Side-Effect of Prometrium

Common side-effects are

1) Nausea

2) Pain

3) Abdominal cramps

4) Dizziness

5) Headache

6) Irritation

7) Bloating

8) Diarrhoea

9) Cough

10) Fatigue

11) Hot flashes

12) Breast tenderness

13) Night sweats

14) Urinary problems

15) Chest pain

Serious side-effects

1) Discharge from nipple

2) Heart attack

3) Stroke

4) Dizziness

5) Confusion

6) Blurring of vision

7) Vaginal spotting

8) Discharge from vagina

9) Blood clots in lungs

10) Weakness

11) Coughing of blood

12) Memory loss

13) Breathing problems

14) Slurred speech

15) Difficulty in walking

Precaution and Warning

Before taking the medication tell the doctor if the patient has any allergy. Proper family and personal history should be given to the doctor. If the patient is thinking of having surgery then she should consult the doctor before taking medications.

Prometrium may cause dizziness therefore the patient should not drive after taking the medicine. It is prescribed to take before sleeping. Continue the medicine as adviced by the doctor.

Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding

Progestins are not used during pregnancy as it may harm the fetus, consult your doctor before taking it. It is contraindicated in nursing mothers as progestin gets mixed up with the milk.

Drug Interaction

Some drugs like rifampin, anti fungals, anti seizure like Phenobarbital, phenytoin may interact with the Prometrium and may remove progesterone from the body. The drug should not be stopped without consulting your doctor.

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