Simple Ways To Health And Happiness

Sex is one of the important factors that determines the well being and happiness of man. Similar to food, thirst and sleep, sex too is one of the basic biological drives. In animals the sexual instinct is purely biological. In man however, it is a combination of psychological as well as physical activity dependent upon the hormones. Hunger and lack of sleep can really drive a person crazy. Similarly in an adult who is sexually active, lack of sexual engagement can lead to restlessness as well as frustration. It is important to note here that the satisfaction in man is connected with two different aspects of sex. First is the physical or sensual aspect of sexual pleasure. Second comes the relationship or emotional engagement that is involved. When a man is in love, in a harmonious and committed relationship with the partner, the union leads to happiness and bliss.

For every adult it is important to understand these aspects of sex as an physical urge and as an emotional engagement. Life is never the same always. People change and relationships too change accordingly. Men are normally happy when they get married and settle down into domestic harmony. With a healthy sexual life and a growing family one believes that his life is made. But this is far from true. Relationships go through several highs and lows due to various situations and occurrences in life. When in the winter of life man suffers from problems at workplace or due to financial stress, his health can take a toll. Too much of stress and anxiety does affect the body and saps energy. With lack of mental peace and with worries, it saps his libido too. Absence of a healthy sexual life can cause distance between the couple and strain the relationship.

Similarly it is quite possible that someone might get injured in an accident or fall ill due to which he may not be able to engage in a physical relationship. Such situation if not managed skillfully can cause damage to the relationship as well as to the psyche of the man himself. On one hand the individual is likely to feel frustrated due to lack of sex and feels cheated. In serious cases it may make the man feel inadequate over a period of time. Man’s ego is very much tied to his libido in most cases. Secondly he might feel bad that he is not able to satisfy his partner or develop a fear that his relationship might break and his partner might seek sex elsewhere outside the relationship. Such fears and worries can lead to further deterioration of the emotional health as well as physical health of man.

So how does one avoid such problems in one’s life? This is where marriage counseling and understanding the larger aspect of love, sex and health comes into the picture. It is important for man to realize that sex is important but not that important as love. Couples need to cement their relationship based on mutual love and companionship rather than on the physical aspect of the relationship. Partnership in marriage is commitment for life and to be there for one another in times of need. When the expectations from the self and from the relationship are understood and managed well, life can be peaceful and happy.

Beauty, Thy Name Is Woman

Beauty of the female form is something that no man can miss out on noticing. Any beautiful woman be it on a magazine cover or somebody just passing by is always noticed and appreciated automatically by men of all ages and of all status. Men have always chased beautiful women and our history is replete with stories of wars being waged over beautiful women and lives lost over them too. Looking at and appreciating beauty in women is something that is instinctive in men. Perhaps this is why women wish to look beautiful. They always say that women do not like to show their age. Most women wish to retain their beauty and youth forever if possible.

We may believe that to be beautiful is the only thing that matters when you are young and looking for male attention. Many women and girls believe that their beauty will get them the best suitors. However, the naked truth is that their beauty can be a bane too. Not all beautiful women who get married have a happy life ever after. Their marriages possibly are at a lot more of risk that the normal marriages. Men who seek physical beauty in women are likely to want to pursue and possess such beautiful women as their wives. Therefore it is natural that beautiful women might manage to find and marry rich husbands who can buy the best of everything for them. But then over a period of time, if the women continues to look beautiful and the others keep appreciating, the man is not likely to like it. Many a marriages have resulted in divorces and many women have had troublesome marriages because of the element of jealousy that is felt by their husbands. No man would like his wife to be looked at and desired by other men. When this happens over and over again, the man is likely to feel insecure and his ego will take a beating too. There are many men who try to control their beautiful wives and dictate their life. Many others begin to show their insecurities and take it out on the relationship. In some other cases, beautiful women can get into trouble with unwanted attention from other men too, thus causing a rift in the relationship. These are but the harsh realities of life of beautiful women.

Beauty is nature's gift and perhaps a gift from the genes you inherit from your parents. Every individual is beautiful as a person. Physical beauty is not the only thing that makes life beautiful. In fact physical beauty can attract unwanted attention. It is the inner beauty of the individual that sustains the relationship and makes one's life beautiful. Beauty they say is skin deep, where as beauty of the heart is something that is ever lasting and spreads fragrance. Real beauty of the person spreads feeling of love all around making other people want to be in the company of the person whereas physical beauty makes the others want to possess the person and it is only the hormones that work in this case. How many of us give a thought to ourselves and decide as to what kind of beauty we wish to be?

Healthy Life

Home Remedies for Abortion Pain

Pregnancy is one of the happiest moments in all couple's life but unplanned or accidental pregnancy often causes deep trouble. In such cases, abortion is the process mostly followed and chosen. If from the humanity perspective abortion is judged, well it is a heinous offence but sometimes there remains no other way, except for aborting the child. There are some home remedies which help in getting rid of the pain.

How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoid Pain

One of the major concerns for anyone suffering from the problem of hemorrhoid is how to get rid of the pain. The reality is that hemorrhoid is not really a very life threatening condition but it comes with pains so severe that it can cause a great deal of discomfort and restlessness. People who suffer from hemorrhoids are sometimes shy to talk about it due to t5he nature of the ailment and this does not do anyone any good.

Would Cialis be able to Cure the PMS Cramps in Women?

Cialis is, maybe, a standout amongst the most popular and famous prescriptions for treating erectile dysfunctions in men. It has for quite some time been the most loved solution from the specialist’s and additionally the patient’s perspective and has caught a noteworthy lump of the piece of the overall industry for such sort of physician recommended drugs since its beginning.

Natural Ways to Heal Your Gut

Wellbeing specialists trust that great wellbeing begins in the gut, as it shields your safe framework. In the meantime, your gut is associated straightforwardly to your mind and its wellbeing is specifically connected to your inclination and hormones and in addition your general weight and wellbeing.

Can Sex Cause Cardiac Arrest?

The linkage between sex and cardiac arrest is rare, almost 94 percent of the cases were found to be men, as per the results of the study. Among men, every 1 out of 100 cases having cardiac arrest was linked to sexual activity, which is 1 out of every 1,000 cases in women.

Natural treatment for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), otherwise called skin break out inversa, is a difficult, incapacitating and perpetual incendiary skin condition. This condition influences up to 4 percent of the populace.

How to Get Rid of Blisters on Face

Blisters appear as pockets of fluid that occurs below the skin because of freezing, friction, injury, or other reasons. Blisters can be seen on any part of the body, but the ones that appear on the face that seem like a major problem. Popping it may lead to several other problems like leaving a big scar or cause an infection.

What Health and Fitness are All About

Most people misinterpreted health and fitness to mean heavy weight lift or sometimes jumping from high sites repeatedly. Others take it to mean staying slim and starving oneself from food regularly. However, these are all myths and misconceptions about what health and fitness areall about. Some of these practices constitute what needs to be done for a healthy body while others are extreme exaggerations of what should be done. Others are a No for individuals who wish to live a healthy lifestyle.

Home Remedies for Ligament Aches

Ligament aches may result due to pregnancy. This condition is mainly termed a round ligament pain which is common in the second trimester. The pain that is felt is quite normal, but can sometimes be very overwhelming. Your belly size no doubt increases in pregnancy which cause extra amount of pressure to the round ligaments present in your body which ultimately causes stretching.

Disparities between Men and Women – Role of Heart Attack on Sexual Function

A new research study has been trying to investigate the differences in the sexual functioning as well as quality of intimate relationship between men and women after the incidence of a heart attack. This effort is purely made to devise better ways of forming guidelines to help patients effectively.

Do You Understand Women

Woman, thy name is mystery. This is one hundred percent true of women in all societies. Men find it hard to fathom women and understand them even after spending a life time with them. Men are ruled by logic and reason which makes them perhaps very focused and single tracked in their approach. Women on the other hand are sentimental and are multi skilled as well as multi tracked in their thought, approach and emotions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IUD

IUD is one of the most popular birth control measures. It is a little device that is fitted into the uterine cavity. The lower parts, i.e. the strings of the device hang down in the upper part of the vagina making it feasible for the woman to make sure that the device is on place. This birth control device can be removed when the woman wishes to get pregnant.

Home Remedies for Pilonidal Cyst

Among varying skin infections, Pilonidal cysts are seen coming out abruptly. The cysts grow as an effect of ingrown hairs. Now the actual reason of pilonidal cysts is still unknown and loose hair, which infiltrates into the skin is known to causes cysts. Medical reports say such action where the hair breaks into the skin the body considers it to be a foreign element and a cyst generates there.

How to Get Rid of Greasy Scalp

Having a greasy scalp is one of the annoying things people have to face in their daily lives. A greasy scalp can make your good hair day into a disastrous looking one. Your hair starts looking unwashed and extremely oily. Oil is naturally secreted from the scalp in order to keep your hair healthy. But when there is too much of oil secretion, the appearance of your hair significantly reduces.

Are We Really Progressing?

As we progress in the fields of science and technology and bring about better standards of living, we should expect the human psyche to evolve to a higher level. Majority of people today are living in better times and better conditions of life. The standard of living is higher and life more comfortable. Technology especially the internet has made it possible for us to sit comfortably in our homes and communicate with family and friends all over the world. Field of medicine has made unprecedented progress. Doctors are able to treat and manage to contain most of the diseases that afflict us.

Can Women Also Use Viagra?

Viagra which is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction in men can also be taken by women to improve performance problems. This drug however, cannot be used for psychological or emotional inability to have sex in the case of women; rather it is used to stimulate an arousal response in women who have had sex without problems in past times, but have begun to experience the problems of arousal. It helps improve arousal by increasing blood flow to the genital area, lubrication, improved sensation and orgasms.

Wellbeing Of Mankind Lies With The Health Of Women

Women are made differently from men. Biologically, psychologically and emotionally women are built to ensure they are able to conceive, grow and deliver babies and to nurse and bring up their off springs. Irrespective of the traditional or modern women and their economic status or their lifestyle, these biological and psychological traits remain the same.

General Precautions To Take During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an unmatched feeling. No other thing could be as amazing as carrying a little living being inside the body. Women are truly blessed by the Almighty to have got the opportunity to bear a little being inside her womb. She has got the power bring a new generation in this world. But, as they say, " with great power comes great responsibility", she to carries a responsibility to take care of her child, not only after its birth, but from the time it is in her womb to the time it is out in the world and beyond.

The Reasons Being Female Sexual Dysfunction

It is said that only man can get impotence but it is not right because a woman has the same chances of becoming impotent. Impotence in women is known as female sexual dysfunction. Who is said to have sexual dysfunction? The woman who is facing problems with sexual desire and response due to some stress or relationship with partner can be said to have sexual dysfunction. A major class of women experience sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives. The chances of getting this sexual problem are high at every stage of life. So it is better for a woman to spend her life happily so that she can prevent all such kinds of sexual problems. There are different types of female sexual dysfunction and every woman should have an idea about it. The first type is the one in which female loses her sexual desire or libido. She does not want to have sex at all because she does not become sexually excited. This type is known as low sexual desire. The second type is one in which the female has sexual desire but it does not go for long time. Some women also face problems during sexual arousal.

Bleeding Disorders

Bleeding disorders are not uncommon health conditions. Many women suffer from it. But, the problem is that they never find this out. The reason behind this is menstruation and childbirth. During menstruation and childbirth, the women bleed heavily and hence, it becomes difficult for them to recognize the abnormal bleeding. Why is so important to find out bleeding disorders? What if they are never diagnosed? What are the consequences of undetected bleeding disorders? Let’s find out.

Why No Woman Should Be Happy Being the “Side Chick”

Side chick. Mistress. The other woman. For as long as men have been loving woman there have been men who can’t love just one woman. There are allot of men out there who are perfectly happy being with just one woman at time. However, recently a new and fairly disturbing trend has reared its ugly head. It involves a woman, or in some cases multiple women, being proud that a man is cheating on his significant other with her. They wear it like a badge of honor and seem happy to be the one a guy runs to at 3 o’clock in the morning and never tells his friends or family about. If that sounds familiar, you might be the side chick, and here’s why you’re wrong for allowing the situation to continue.

Everything In Nature Is Beautiful

We seldom think of nature and its beauty. Everything about nature and in nature is beautiful. Our physical beauty of the human form is also the gift of nature too. We have been endowed with sight and the senses to identify, perceive and enjoy the beauty in nature as well as in human form. In fact we are programmed to seek out beauty in the human form. Everyone wants to look beautiful and every beautiful woman is sought after and appreciated by men and women alike.

Social Media Can Help

Mother’s day is celebrating all over the world every year. On this day, the world remembers and thanks every woman, every mother for brining meaning to the family and to every home. If one were to bring about the same attention to women’s health issues, it would be of help globally. Women’s health is key to the health of the child as well as to the wellbeing of the family.

Women’s Welfare In India

India has been a country that has deep rooted cultural wisdom and values that have been handed down from century’s old civilization. Women have always been venerated as gods. Unbelievable but true that Indian religion has several thousands of female deities representing various facets of nature and energies in the cosmos. Women are given the highest position and looked upon as the reincarnation of Universal mother who has created and nurtured our universe and nature.

What Should You Do Before Shaving Your Bikini Line

To make your skin feel silky smooth to touch, do not start shaving your private areas right away. Shave after you are done with your bath or shower. That way your skin will be at its softest when you start shaving it since the steam from the shower has open up the hair follicles, effectively making the hair slightly or in certain cases considerably more malleable.

Women’s Mental Health and Causes

If you do some comparison between men and women who experience mental health related issues, you will notice that some problems are very common in women than in men. It is a fact that women are most likely to receive treatment for a mental health problem than men. This also express how willing females are ready to acknowledge the fact that they are troubled and get support, or the expectations of the doctor to determine the kind of health problem that women are likely to face.

Exercise Tips for Busy Moms

Whether you’re working a full time job or are a stay-at-home mom, chances are you’re finding it very difficult to fit regular visits to the gym into your busy schedule.

Health for Pregnant Mothers

Nothing worries expectant mums as health and well-being of their little one in womb. They are ready to go for whatever it takes just to be sure that the infant is live and kicking. But it isn’t that easy as it probably sounds. It calls for different measures ranging from excellent diet to exercises that tally with their delicate state. But what exactly does this entail?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

One of the major health problems that women across the world face is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). This problem affects the hormones, fertility, blood vessels, menstrual cycle, heart and appearance of a woman. Numbers have it that one in ten to one in twenty women are diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Even the girls of 11 years of age might fall prey to this dreadful health issue.

Health and fitness regimen for teenage girls

Teenage girls have a lot of issues ranging from self-esteem to weight-related issues. If you envy your classmates who have a shapely figure or who happen to be confident, being like them would be as simple as starting a health and fitness regimen for yourself. Exercises can do a lot in changing the way you regard yourself and boost your overall confidence and esteem. It may also be that key to making new friends and having fun too.

Food For Thought

Internet is a very effective medium to spread awareness about any topic of concern to the general public. Social media networks are very useful and powerful tools to spread awareness within a very short span of time. With modernization and globalization of the world, people in the developed countries have the way withal to be able to spend time working towards improving the quality of the people in those societies where people are still suffering. Developed societies are economically prosperous and have access to basic amenities as well as advanced health care and other luxuries of life.

It’s Time To Talk About Alcohol And Women

When we talk about women and health, one important topic that needs to be discussed is that of Alcoholism. Men are not the only ones who turn to liquor and become habitual drinkers, but women too are known to follow the path. Though the number is not as high as men, nevertheless, alcohol is never a good option for women.

Exploit your full potential

There are many roles that women play when it comes to matters of raising a family. With the current tough economies, women have to be mothers, loving wives as well as career oriented. Considering that they have to observe all this three aspects in a single day, chances are, they have little time for their personal health and fitness concerns.

Insomnia among women – facts, diagnostics and treatments

Insomnia is a common disorder that affects the sleep pattern of any individual. It is not gender exclusive, so it’s found in men as well as women although its chances of occurrence increases with age; however, more and more of this is being reported among women due to several factors that have been discussed below. So, ever feel that you’re getting poor sleep or no sleep at all? Refer to the facts below and you might know the truth.

High weight in first pregnancy can cause trouble next time

In this new study, it is revealed that second pregnancy can cause many of the complications with the good weight if that woman had high weight in her first pregnancy time. it is noted that many of the American women has not healthy weight at their first time pregnancy, whether they have high or less weight according to the recommended body mass index (BMI).

Tips and Precautions During Menstruation

Which are the most difficult days in a month for a girl? Well, no prize for guessing. They are her "Periods". Life becomes stagnant for those four days. The hormonal imbalance makes us irritable. We give up colors and make friends with black. We turn down all the party invitations and stay in our bed. No tight clothes, we only wear lowers and loose tees. For those four days, we don't care how we looks, we don't care what to eat, we don't care whether its day or night.

Modern women, better watch out

Modern woman believes in free thinking and freedom in life. Women in the developed societies are enjoying freedom like never before. Most women of yesteryears and of current generation have had access to education and opportunities to choose and pursue their careers. Employment sectors opened up to skilled and semi skilled manpower and especially employing women in all sectors. Women are seen to be more productive and responsible when compared to men. Thus gainful employment and income prospects have improved the quality of life of women.