Vaniqa is a brand-name for Eflornithine Topical. It is hair removal cream basically it results in slower growth of hair where ever it is applied. It is available in cream form.

Mechanism of action (MOA)

Eflornithine binds to ornithine decarboxylase and prevents the natural substance that is ornithine from attaching on the active site.

Vaniqa is mainly given to females suffering from hirsutism. The cream applied will stop the natural course of facial hair and stops hair growth.

Uses of Vaniqa

Vaniqa is used for removal of facial hair. It does not permanently stop the growth but it makes the hair fine and light and it surely reduces the hair growth.

Dosage and Administration

Vaniqa is available in cream form therefore it is applied in thin layer, 13.9% is applied on the chin and other areas. Rub the cream thoroughly on the affected areas. It is used 8 hours apart as adviced by the doctor. After applying the cream the affected areas are not washed for at-least 4 hours. Please read the pamphlet given with the cream for more information.

Side-Effects of Vaniqa

Most common side-effects are:

1) Acne

2) Burning

3) Headache

4) Itching

5) Redness

6) Ingrown hair

7) Stinging

8) Nausea

9) Bleeding

10) Tingling

11) Allergic reaction

12) Rash

13) Dizziness

14) Swelling of affected area

15) Trouble breathing

Serious side-effects

1) Vertigo

2) Swollen lips

3) Alopecia

4) Dry skin

5) Asthenia

6) Facial edema

7) Dyspepsia

8) Anorexia

9) Folliculitis

10) Chelitis

11) Dermatitis

12) Numbness

13) Herpes simplex

14) Rosacea

15) Pseudofolliculitis barbae

16) Red lips

17) Hair bumps

Precaution and Warning

After applying the cream thepatient may feel warm and burning sensation which is common but if it persists please wash it off and consult your physician. If the patient have any allergic reactions she should tell them before hand while getting treated.

This is not a permanent method of hair removal so the patient may have to use other methods like shaving and plucking while using vaniqa. After using the cream for 4-8 weeks patient may see some improvement. The cream should not be discontinued without consulting the doctor or the condition may resort to pre-treatment.

Discontinue the of vaniqa use if hypersensitivity occurs.

Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding

It can be used in pregnancy if it is absolutely necessary. But consult your doctor before applying it.

It is not known if the cream can be mixed into milk while nursing. But nursing mothers should ask their physician before using it.

Drug Interactions

It has not been known if any drug interaction may be harmful for the patient or not. If the patient is using any herbal or ayurvedic treatment she should let her doctor know about it. Any skin related problems should not be taken for granted. This article does not contain any drug interaction queries please make a list of all the drugs and medicine you use and share your queries with your doctor.

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