Tips and Precautions During Menstruation

Which are the most difficult days in a month for a girl? Well, no prize for guessing. They are her “Periods”. Life becomes stagnant for those four days. The hormonal imbalance makes us irritable. We give up colors and make friends with black. We turn down all the party invitations and stay in our bed. No tight clothes, we only wear lowers and loose tees. For those four days, we don’t care how we looks, we don’t care what to eat, we don’t care whether its day or night. All we do is to wait eagerly for those days to paas. But, there are many things to take care of when we are menstruating. Personal hygiene and a few practices can make these difficult days a little lighter. In this article, we are sharing a few tips and precautions to take during menstruation.

• Basic Hygiene Is Very Important
Regularly bathing during periods is really very important. Keeping the intimate area clean is a must. You must wash your hands, not only after, but, also before going to the loo, cleaning your vagina and changing sanitary napkins.

• Use An Intimate Wash
The skin down under is very delicate. It cannot take the harshness of soaps. Always use an intimate wash that is designated for the use there. The intimate wash will not disturb the pH of your intimate area. Intimate washes fall easy on the delicate skin of vagina and also help in keeping vaginal infections at bay.

• Change The Sanitary Napkins More Often
Never use a sanitary napkin for a longer duration. It is advisable to change the pads after every 3-4 hours. Keeping same pad for long will make you susceptible to vaginal infections and more serious TSS (Toxic Shock Symptom), will cause rashes and increase irritability. Try to keep the area dry as much as you can.

• Keep In Mind The Tampon Absorbency
Use low absorbency tampon according to the menstrual flow. Do not use high absorbency tampon on days with lighter flow as it will increase make you susceptible to TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Alternate tampons with other menstrual products like menstrual cup or sanitary napkins.

• Wear Loose Clothes
Tight fitting clothes are a strict no- no during periods. Wear breathable fabric. Tight clothes retain moisture, heat and make skin irritable. Do not wear synthetic underwear, opt for cotton underwear during periods.

• Perform Light Exercises
Heavy exercises during periods can increase the problem, but you can perform light exercises like:

a. Sky stretch - Stand on you tiptoe. Relax and take a deep breath. Stretch your arms towards the sky and hold for a few seconds. Slowly release and exhale. Repeat.
b. Deep breathing - Lie straight on the floor. Raise your knees. Push your stomach out as you inhale. Now pull your stomach in as you exhale. Repeat it 4 times. Keep your back and arms flat on the floor.

• Perform Safe Sex
Having unprotected sex during menstruation increase the risk of infection like Hepatitis B and HIV. It is advisable to perform safe sex during menstruation.

• Eat Healthy
Take a healthy diet. Include fresh fruits juices and fresh vegetables in your diet. Say no to coffee and tea.

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