Do You Understand Women

Woman, thy name is mystery. This is one hundred percent true of women in all societies. Men find it hard to fathom women and understand them even after spending a life time with them. Men are ruled by logic and reason which makes them perhaps very focused and single tracked in their approach. Women on the other hand are sentimental and are multi skilled as well as multi tracked in their thought, approach and emotions.

Women in all societies and in all ages have raised cry in favor of feminism and gender equality. While it is true that women are discriminated against in the male dominated societies, if you really look at women emancipation, you will find that women have always been superior to men. Women are versatile and are naturally endowed with resilience, tolerance and perseverance to withstand all of life’s challenges and to emerge victorious.

While women are emotionally stronger than men in all respects, we do find women sentimental and frivolous in some aspects. Thus she combines the serious aspects as well as the easy going and feminine aspects in herself. Every woman wants to be beautiful and desirous. Her feminine beauty and sensuality is perhaps the very essence of her being. In pursuit of beauty women try out everything possible under the sun including submitting themselves to the surgeon’s knife as well. The concept and idea of beauty however changes with the time and differs from society to society depending upon the culture.

Traditionally women’s beauty was linked to her well endowed body and her face. Her sensuality, feminity were marks of beauty. A well rounded body with slender waist, flat stomach, big breasts and round hips with curly hair were known to be the mark of beauty. Women dressed in gowns that enhanced their physical features and body curves. Low neck cuts, use of laces, corset and other fashion accessories to augment their shape and body enhanced their looks.

Today the concept of women’s beauty has undergone drastic changes. Women today are found to spend a lot of money and time on exercising and dieting in order to maintain their figure and beauty. Traditionally women never exercised. The physical labor and the domestic chores ensured sufficient exercise for the body and they depended upon natural home made whole some food for their diet. There was no concept of dieting. Rather, the diet was rich with milk, meat and fruits combined with dry fruits, vegetables and sweets. Today women tend to measure and nibble on toast and oats in order to watch their weight and count calories. Being thin and slender with a bony structure is considered to be beautiful by women. Buxom beauties are no longer considered beautiful. While women used jewellary, makeup and hairdos of all kinds as beauty accessories, today’s women tattoo themselves to enhance their beauty quotient.

What goes on in women’s mind is beyond men’s understanding. They do not understand women’s obsession with beauty and their striving all the time to remain beautiful. To men, every woman looks beautiful and feminine.

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