Everything In Nature Is Beautiful

We seldom think of nature and its beauty. Everything about nature and in nature is beautiful. Our physical beauty of the human form is also the gift of nature too. We have been endowed with sight and the senses to identify, perceive and enjoy the beauty in nature as well as in human form. In fact we are programmed to seek out beauty in the human form. Everyone wants to look beautiful and every beautiful woman is sought after and appreciated by men and women alike.

We are the product of nature. Though we believe that we control everything in nature, in reality, it is the other way around. Our human life cycle too is designed and controlled by nature and we have no control over it. Everything in the nature has a life cycle. Nothing is permanent and change is in fact the only permanent feature of nature.

Seasons change as per the natural cycle. With the change of seasons, everything about life changes. If you analyze our human life, you will realize that we too change as per the lifecycle of nature. Just like the life cycle of a fruit or a flower, human form too goes through similar life cycle. We grow from infancy into the spring and summer of life. Teens and youth is perhaps the best and the most beautiful phase of life in terms of physical beauty and vitality of the human form. Girls between the ages of twelve to thirty do not need any makeup or cosmetic add on. They naturally look fresh, full of vitality and like the ripe fruit. Women are most beautiful from this age up to the stage where they enter middle age. With no effort on their side, they manage to look beautiful with their form.

Women after the middle age begin to show signs of aging. It is at this time that they need to look at what is to be done to maintain their beauty with a little bit of extra effort. Most women believe that cosmetics and expensive beauty treatments help them arrest aging. This is not true at all. The body vitality and health is what contributes to the physical beauty of the form. Therefore cosmetics cannot impart vitality or enhance the beauty. At best they help highlight and enhance the features.

Those who follow a balanced and healthy life style will find themselves extending their beauty into years beyond their prime. Those who know the art of living and balance in life are those who manage to look beautiful from within and without too. Healthy living calls for paying attention to one’s diet, exercise, one’s positive attitude of mind and finally work and life balance. All of these are interconnected and as a whole they contribute to the external beauty. The other contributor to the woman’s beauty is her value system and character too.

Nature has made women beautiful. However to remain beautiful and live a beautiful life, one needs to work at it.

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