Health and fitness regimen for teenage girls

Teenage girls have a lot of issues ranging from self-esteem to weight-related issues. If you envy your classmates who have a shapely figure or who happen to be confident, being like them would be as simple as starting a health and fitness regimen for yourself. Exercises can do a lot in changing the way you regard yourself and boost your overall confidence and esteem. It may also be that key to making new friends and having fun too.

Girls can do a range of exercises to help them achieve maximum health and fitness. One of the most basic exercises is skipping rope whenever you can. Rope skipping is a hobby to some and is easy and fun to do. You can involve your friends as well and tell stories and catch up while working out. Skipping rope can help you lose weight and get shapely legs in the process.

Another health and fitness exercise for girls is running or jogging. All you need is to get a pair of comfortable sport shoes and a jogging outfit and you are good to go. Running increases your heart beat and strengthens your heart muscles. Jogging and running effectively work out the entire body. You can attempt running up a slope too as you progress with your routine. It is recommended that you go for your run or jog early in the morning or in the evening when it is less sunny.

Good health and fitness can also be achieved through performing household chores. Doing the dishes or mopping your room is enough exercise for you. One can also exercise while watching television or listening to music. You can do exercises such as squats and crunches while doing other things. You can also do stretching exercises while seated or lying on your bed.

Girls who experience menstrual discomfort in form of cramps can also benefit from doing regular exercises. Exercising is known to relieve the pain considerably. Exercising is also good for the skin and you can keep acne and pimple outbreaks at bay by working out daily. Health and fitness exercises such as sit ups or push ups and squats can help relax the abdominal muscles hence combating the pain that comes with monthly periods.

Girls are also advised to try out Kegel exercises. These exercises can be done easily and at any given time by tightening and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises help to tone pelvic floor muscles and stop bladder leaks for those who have the problem. Bridge exercises and pelvic tilts are also recommended for strengthening your core muscles and keep you in good shape. Your thighs, butt and muscles are also exercised through working out.

Relaxation is also important for achieving good health. Most teenage girls suffer from weight-related conditions due to lack of sleep. Getting enough sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the brain too. Relaxation, coupled with an appropriate diet composed of healthy foods and fluids can transform your entire health and fitness levels.

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