High weight in first pregnancy can cause trouble next time

In this new study, it is revealed that second pregnancy can cause many of the complications with the good weight if that woman had high weight in her first pregnancy time. it is noted that many of the American women has not healthy weight at their first time pregnancy, whether they have high or less weight according to the recommended body mass index (BMI). High value of the BMI is too much seen in them as compare to the lower one. BMI is basically the estimation of the weight according to the person height. In this research, researcher included about 121000 women who gave child birth the children from 1989 to 2005. Many of the women who were under weight at the time of the pregnancy had early child birth as compare to the healthy weight women. 20 percent under weight women gave early birth and 40 percent women had small-for-gestational-age baby at the second pregnancy time. Similarly, obese women at the first time pregnancy gave child birth a large-for-gestational-age baby at the second time of the pregnancy. About 156 percent of this kind of the women has complications in pregnancies called preeclampsia and about 85 percent of the women have cesarean delivery.

More over it is also found that their babies may be died within 2 days after the delivery, researcher found. Researcher also said that many of the overweight and underweight women give child birth a healthy child without any complications but the risk of the second pregnancy remains the same as discussed earlier. This risk can be minimized if that woman gets normal weight before the second time pregnancy, Jen Jen Chang said. She added that normal weight during the first time pregnancy is not the supported guard about the second time of the pregnancy even things goes well with the overweight pregnancy. So it is important to get normal weight for every time of the pregnancy.
It is unknown that why women have no any sort of problem in first time of the pregnancy while they are not in controlled weight but it can increase the risk of complication during second time of the pregnancy.

Chang said, I suspect our body but I am not certain about this. High weight and less weight at the time of the first pregnancy may cause psychological problem and many negative effects on their body. Experts said that it is better to have a good and healthy weight for the healthy pregnancy and delivery.

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