Home Remedies for Pilonidal Cyst

Among varying skin infections, Pilonidal cysts are seen coming out abruptly. The cysts grow as an effect of ingrown hairs. Now the actual reason of pilonidal cysts is still unknown and loose hair, which infiltrates into the skin is known to causes cysts. Medical reports say such action where the hair breaks into the skin the body considers it to be a foreign element and a cyst generates there. Even the slightest trauma in the buttock area gives a reason to the development of pilonidal cysts. At the beginning, it seems to be a petite dimple formation but with passing time, formation takes a serious swollen mass. A closed sac forms where the fluid content actually creates an abscess and the collection of pus gradually creates a depression. This creates problem while standing and sitting, there would be no drainage and inflamed skin may turn out sensitive. Such skin condition may invite symptoms of fever, nausea and malaise. Such skin problem may happen with both men and women. Especially when body is fat and hair is coarse and thick, when job requires long time sitting, such cyst may happen.

However, mild cases of pilonidal cysts can be cured with natural remedies. However, in some cases surgery is needed in order to reduce the size of the cysts.

Warm Compresses

  • In order to get relief from pain, warm compress is great alternative and certainly highly effective.
  • The accumulated fluid within the cyst will be draining away quickly and the healing process will be accelerated as well.
  • However, in no way, warm compresses will be preventing the development of pilonidal cysts.
  • You have to soak hot water and take out the excess water and hold the warm cloth upon the infected area, until the fluid starts draining continuing the process will certainly be giving some relief.

Tea Tree Oil

  • Another very effective home remedy is Tea Tree Oil; it helps in reducing the sensitivity and pain.
  • This oil is known for its healing quality and anti-inflammatory properties so infection will be reducing for sure.
  • The oil is seen penetrating deeper into the skin thus promoting faster healing process.
  • You can use the remedy for treating the cyst but the affected area is needed to be cleaned and pat dry for sure.

Apple Cider Vinegar

  • For treating the pilonidal cysts apple cider vinegar is also effective.
  • This vinegar will be reducing inflammation as well as pain.
  • This has wonderful antiseptic and antibacterial properties that prevent further infection and thus causing delay in healing process.
  • You have to mix vinegar with the warm water and soaking the cotton ball into the solution you have to compress the area slowly, thus you have to continue the process for 3 to 4 times a day.

Epsom Salt

  • If you are having so much pain and agony you will find Epsom Salt is fine enough in reducing the pain and healing the cyst in faster possible mode.
  • All you have to mix the salt with water and apply the same upon the affected area. Daily you can do it to reduce pain and inflammation.

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