What Should You Do Before Shaving Your Bikini Line

1. Timing Always Matters
To make your skin feel silky smooth to touch, do not start shaving your private areas right away. Shave after you are done with your bath or shower. That way your skin will be at its softest when you start shaving it since the steam from the shower has open up the hair follicles, effectively making the hair slightly or in certain cases considerably more malleable.

2. Consider Using Directions
If you have extra long hair down there, the first thing you should do is trim it using a nail scissors. That way the blades of the razor are not clogged.

Also consider shaving hair against the pattern of growth. That way, you’d get a smoother shave. But in case of sensitive skin, you better shave in the direction of hair growth. Also use long strokes or short. At time the combination of both might be wise too.

3. The Right Razor Matters
Dull razors are usually responsible of causing nicks and catching skin. They also serve as a huge hub for spreading bacteria. Therefore, experts repeatedly advise users to keep blade fresh by replacing them every month. It is also wise to check the blades’ sharpness before use. Also, for the bikini line exclusively, try using a multi-blade razor equipped with a flexible head that is able to glide smoothly along any irregular surface.

4. Creating a Barrier
Always always always (see how wrote it three times to show how important it is?) use something to create a barrier between the hair being removed and the razor. It can be a hydrating shaving creame or oil. And if you run out of that you can always use a creamy body wash or your favourite shower gel (as long as it is not fragrant or would irritate your skin).

You can even use a regular soap (just lather is up real good) or a hair conditioner – just use something!

5. Your Bikini line needs Pampering too
Now, like the rest of the body, here too ingrown hair can irritate you in the worst ways possible since these areas are extra sensitive. Therefore always pamper your skin with a little TLC before you get to work.

Before shaving, exfoliate the area using a fluffy loofah and a creamy, moisturizing body wash for a while. Then rinse the area and use a hair conditioner or a hydrating shaving creame or oil to soften the hair before shaving them off.

Also, using a small brush with hairs instead of bristles, brush down your hair in the direction of the growth. You can also use a stiff toothbrush for this as a pre-shower ritual as it will push the hair up and keep them out of the way of the skin follicle.

6. The Follow Up
That’s it! You are through the worst bit. Now onto the easy part…

Once you are done with the shaving, apply a moisturizer or a plain old lotion that does not contain any dyes or fragrances of sorts (as they may cause skin inflammation). Also, apply polysporin or a similar antibacterial ointment on nicks and cuts to nip any infection in the bud. Use a smoothing exfoliator if ingrown hairs are irritating you. 1% hydrocortisone cream will also help with this cause.

It is also highly recommended that you avoid wearing tight clothing for a few hours or a day after shaving. This way you can avoid any irritation or chaffing.

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