Home Remedies for Ligament Aches

Ligament aches may result due to pregnancy. This condition is mainly termed a round ligament pain which is common in the second trimester. The pain that is felt is quite normal, but can sometimes be very overwhelming. Your belly size no doubt increases in pregnancy which cause extra amount of pressure to the round ligaments present in your body which ultimately causes stretching.

As a pregnant woman, if you engage yourself in rapid movements, your ligaments are bound to tighten which can result in a pulling force around the nerve cells causing excess amount of pain and discomfort. The pain that is felt is quite sharp, jabbing, and pinching in nature. You may observe the pain suddenly which is bound to remain for at least a few minutes. The right side is seen to be the most affected when it comes to the pain, but at times it can be bilateral as well. Sudden movements are also responsible for causing the pain.

In order to treat the condition, you must discuss your options with a doctor. The doctor will be able to guide you with the treatment by pinpoint the source of your problem. You may also be prescribed painkillers that are safe for use to help deal with the problem. If you are not okay with pharmaceutical drugs, you can always opt for home remedies to deal with ligament aches. Here are some of the common home remedies that have been found to be effective against round ligament aches.

Forming an Arch with the Lower Back

You will have to keep your hands and knees close to the ground. You will have to lower your head towards the direction of the hands. In the next step, you will have to push the back closer to the back side for stretching in slow motion.

Using Compresses or Warmth

Going for a warm bath can be great for relieving the aches and general pains. Round ligament aches can also be healed using this technique. Heating pads that are moderately warm could also be great in soothing the intensity of the pain. Remember that the water shouldn’t be too hot as it could be threatening for the unborn baby. Try using warm compresses as well near the region that is causing the pain and discomfort.

Flexing the Hip

If you sneeze or cough, you may bring back the pain in an overwhelming intensity. Hence, whenever you think you may sneeze or cough, you should try bending your hips. The strain will be significantly reduced around your round ligaments which will in turn help in escaping the sharp pain.

Rely On the Other Side

Many women experience the pain only on one side. These women can try relying more on the other side so that the painful side does not have to bear any work. You may have to try changing your sleeping habit to the opposite side as well.

Enhancing the Core

You will gain a lot from your core strength to relieve round ligament aches. Use any type of exercise that can help in enhancing the core strength of your body. Try prenatal yoga in such cases.

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