Are We Really Progressing?

As we progress in the fields of science and technology and bring about better standards of living, we should expect the human psyche to evolve to a higher level. Majority of people today are living in better times and better conditions of life. The standard of living is higher and life more comfortable. Technology especially the internet has made it possible for us to sit comfortably in our homes and communicate with family and friends all over the world. Field of medicine has made unprecedented progress. Doctors are able to treat and manage to contain most of the diseases that afflict us.

Overall we have progressed higher in terms of civilization and this is clearly evident from the quality of our lives. Even in the political and economic scene, the old world order seems to be disappearing paving way for new order of system. Slowly countries and kingdoms are moving towards embracing democracy. The European colonialism that was replaced by America as the super power is paving way for the emergence of China, India and other countries as the soft powers in the world.

While we do acknowledge the progress in various fields, we need to also look at the aspects that need to be changed. Some of the areas seem to be lacking in thought and good intentions. Real progress of humanity can happen when there is alleviation of thought and understanding on the part of human beings in all societies. Terrorism in the name of religion, economic wars and political greed do not auger well for the future of humanity on the whole. All of the nations are interdependent. Any harm done to society in one part of the world will ultimately affect all of us.

On a softer side, we can evaluate the growth of human society and consciousness based on the progress of art, literature and other creative arts in the societies. What we are seeing today in the so called developed societies is the new found consumerism and the tendency of people to seek out superficial beauty. People are becoming hoarders and going after material goods and comforts. On the other hand women seem to be working too hard to maintain their external beauty and figure. It is but sad to see that instead of living healthy, we seem to be doing everything unhealthy to augment our physical beauty. Is the physical beauty so important to our happiness? Many people tend to think so. While we are seeing fashion, beauty pageants, fitness and wellness occupying people’s attention and focus, healthy and plain living, peace and harmony, engagement in creative arts and music as well as celebration of life, relationship and love seems to be foreign to the techie urban population.

It is true that human are programmed to pursue beauty. We do see beauty in the female form. However the real beauty we all know is in the character, the psyche and the beauty of the soul that is behind the physical form. The real progress and development happens with the progress of the soul and the inner progress in humans which brings about a higher consciousness and higher purpose of life.

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