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Internet is a very effective medium to spread awareness about any topic of concern to the general public. Social media networks are very useful and powerful tools to spread awareness within a very short span of time. With modernization and globalization of the world, people in the developed countries have the way withal to be able to spend time working towards improving the quality of the people in those societies where people are still suffering. Developed societies are economically prosperous and have access to basic amenities as well as advanced health care and other luxuries of life. Life in the developing and underdeveloped countries is yet to improve and there is a lot that needs to be done. While all of us cannot leave behind our life and go to serve and take up developmental agenda’s, we can certainly help create awareness and do our small bit by bringing issues to the forefront and to mobilize public opinion.

The cause of girl child has long been discussed and debated at all global forums especially by WHO every year. Though a lot of work is being done in the field of improving the conditions of the children and especially the girl child. The health and wellbeing of the girl child and of women needs to be given utmost priority for the future wellbeing of the society depends upon the health of women and the girls. A healthy mother is able to provide care and love to her family and raise healthy children. A mother who is not healthy will not be able to provide quality care to her family.

Most often the health of women and girl child are neglected and affected by social, economic, cultural and biological factors. The factors affecting and the trend of the importance paid to these areas differs from country to country. One of the most dangerous and painful health risk faced by girls and women in African countries and elsewhere is the practice of Female Genital Mutilation or FGM. Not many people in the world are aware of the fact that millions of girls and women in Africa have undergone FGM and suffer from related health problems. FGM is a deep rooted traditional practice that is prevalent even today. Most often FGM is performed on girls under age of twelve and even under age of five. When FGM is carried out at home under unhygienic conditions, there is high risk of infection and other health problems. This practice and belief is deep rooted in the psyche of tribal communities in Africa. Eradication of such beliefs and hoping for reformation is a farfetched idea. Currently the health care workers and NGOs are working towards educating the tribal people to seek medical help to conduct FGM under supervision of a qualified medical doctor so that the risk of danger to the health of the girl child is minimized.

The above is but one of the concerns that is faced by the girl child and women in our world. There are many more areas that need to be addressed and improved in order to improve women’s health. Issues concerning women’s health cannot be viewed in isolation as they are always intertwined with many factors including economic, social, cultural, gender based and community. Public opinion and education can certainly help in reforming communities over a period of time.

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