Wellbeing Of Mankind Lies With The Health Of Women

Women are made differently from men. Biologically, psychologically and emotionally women are built to ensure they are able to conceive, grow and deliver babies and to nurse and bring up their off springs. Irrespective of the traditional or modern women and their economic status or their lifestyle, these biological and psychological traits remain the same.

Women of today believe that they are truly empowered. Most women tend to equate the opportunities for education, employment and the financial freedom with empowerment. Actually if you look at the overall psyche of the woman, along with economic and social empowerment, the best sense of achievement and fulfillment comes from playing the role of a wife and a mother successfully. Wanting to conceive and giving birth to children is a basic instinct inherent in every woman.

Women’s health is one of the primary aspects that enable her to play these multiple roles successfully. The health aspects of women become more critical especially due to the biological processes that the woman goes through right from puberty to pregnancy and thereafter through the menopausal stage. When we talk of women’s health, we are referring to a host of different areas and concerns. There are several risks to the health of women during their productive years and each of the risks is largely determined by the society and the economic conditions that they happen to live in.

With the onset of puberty, the girl becomes sexually active. Proper sex education and awareness regarding the risks of unsafe sex, use of contraceptives, pregnancy and health risks associated with premature pregnancy as well as childbirth are the determinants and contributors to the healthy living of an adolescent girl. At the same time, exposure alcohol, drug abuse and other vices are also the risks that this potential group faces in all societies.

The general health risks faced by older women have to do with malnutrition, economic hardships and resultant lack of opportunities for health care, education and employment. Pregnancy and childbirth related health risks are very high due to lack of access to primary health care and hygiene. HIV /AIDS passed on through sex partners or through husbands happen to be the biggest risk factor determining the health of women across the globe today. Menopause brings with it a new set of problems in dealing with the effects of menopause and the gynecological problems that arise at this juncture. This also happens to be the right time for other diseases and conditions to show up in the body and mar the health of women.

Besides the physical health conditions, there is yet another major aspect of women’s health which has to do with their mental health and emotional health. Girls and women of all ages are subject to different types of abuse in their lifetime at different points of time. Girl child is often subject to mental and physical abuse as well as sexual abuse which impact the mental health of the child. Women are often exploited sexually and are subject to domestic violence. Maternal health of the mothers is fraught with anxiety and stress arising out of harsh economic realities and the struggle for survival.

If we are to really build a superior world community and society, one that is safe and free for one and all, the status of women and their health needs to be improved. When the health of a mother improves, automatically she is able to improve the health of her children and in turn the entire family. This impacts the future generation and the wellbeing of the society at large. The effort has to begin with taking steps to work towards women empowerment and women’s health.

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