Why No Woman Should Be Happy Being the “Side Chick”

Side chick. Mistress. The other woman. For as long as men have been loving woman there have been men who can’t love just one woman. There are allot of men out there who are perfectly happy being with just one woman at time. However, recently a new and fairly disturbing trend has reared its ugly head. It involves a woman, or in some cases multiple women, being proud that a man is cheating on his significant other with her. They wear it like a badge of honor and seem happy to be the one a guy runs to at 3 o’clock in the morning and never tells his friends or family about. If that sounds familiar, you might be the side chick, and here’s why you’re wrong for allowing the situation to continue.

Self Respect

It’s safe to assume that if you are know your “man” is in a relationship with a woman and that you are the girl on the side, you’ve got some issues with not just self respect, but respect in general. Maybe your guy actively pursued you and so that makes it his fault right? Yes and no. Regardless of how determined this guy was to bed you, the moment you found out he was with someone else, you became culpable. Don’t you think you deserve to be the only woman your man is sleeping with? You deserve to be the only one as much as the girl he’s cheating on deserves to be the only one. If you have any self respect you would view a man having multiple women as a deal breaker. Respect yourself enough to walk away from this type of unhealthy situation. You deserve better!

He Won’t Change for You

You lose them how you win them honey. If he cheated on his girlfriend with you and you are harboring some fantasy that he is going to up and leave her, you are going to be disappointed. If he’s telling you how unhappy he is at home and how much he loves you, ask yourself this. Why hasn’t he done anything about it? If he seems content to keep both of you around, you are a fool for agreeing to those terms. He will not change for you. Unless he decided to up and leave the girl he’s with, which does indeed happen, you should hit the road. You control how this man is treating you and you have the power to put an end to it.

You Are Making a Fool of Yourself

No matter how much attention he lavishes on you in secret, the truth is that people around you who know what’s going are looking at you like you’re crazy. People are laughing at you, feeling sorry for you, and judging you. You may not care what other people think at the moment but no one wants to have to look into their child’s eyes and explain to them why everybody thinks their mommy is a “home wrecker”. If you have children and are proud to be somebody’s mistress think about how you would feel if your daughter was in that situation. Think about how you would feel if your son treated women with such disrespect and dishonesty. You need to set an example, think about it.

Any woman who finds herself in this situation, knowingly or unknowingly should recognize that they deserve better. Never settle for being the chick on the side. It’s not a good look.

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