The Reasons Being Female Sexual Dysfunction

It is said that only man can get impotence but it is not right because a woman has the same chances of becoming impotent. Impotence in women is known as female sexual dysfunction. Who is said to have sexual dysfunction? The woman who is facing problems with sexual desire and response due to some stress or relationship with partner can be said to have sexual dysfunction. A major class of women experience sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives. The chances of getting this sexual problem are high at every stage of life. So it is better for a woman to spend her life happily so that she can prevent all such kinds of sexual problems. There are different types of female sexual dysfunction and every woman should have an idea about it. The first type is the one in which female loses her sexual desire or libido. She does not want to have sex at all because she does not become sexually excited. This type is known as low sexual desire. The second type is one in which the female has sexual desire but it does not go for long time. Some women also face problems during sexual arousal. The third type is one in which the woman is unable to achieve orgasm despite of sexual stimulation. This problem could be due to any other health problem. If you are suffering from it, then you should contact your health care provider so that he can treat that health problem that is causing this sexual problem. The fourth and last type of female sexual dysfunction is sexual pain disorder. In this type, the woman has difficulty in having sex because of pain due to sexual stimulation and vaginal contact. The woman who is having any of this type of female dysfunction cannot have sex like a normal woman.

What are the main causes of female sexual dysfunction? Some of its causes are physical and some are hormonal. Examples of physical causes are pelvic surgery, headaches, neurological disorder, arthritis, bowel or urinary difficulty and fatigue etc. Some medications including chemotherapy drugs, blood pressure medications, antidepressants and antihistamines drugs can lead you towards lack of sexual desire. Many women also experience sexual dysfunction due to low level of estrogen that makes changes in your genital tissues. The part of skin that is covering clitoris becomes thinner and thus exposes more are of clitoris. The continuous exposure of clitoris sometimes reduces the overall sensitivity of this part. The reduction in sensitivity causes the problems for women to get orgasm in short time.

After knowing all these things, you will be thinking to prevent this female sexual dysfunction. So the best thing you can do is to discuss every health problem you are having with your doctor so that it can be treated without any delay otherwise that health problem may lead you towards sexual problem. Besides this, doing healthy activities regularly also keep the woman away from such problems.

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