It’s Time To Talk About Alcohol And Women

When we talk about women and health, one important topic that needs to be discussed is that of Alcoholism. Men are not the only ones who turn to liquor and become habitual drinkers, but women too are known to follow the path. Though the number is not as high as men, nevertheless, alcohol is never a good option for women.

The pattern of consumption of alcohol by women varies and depends upon different cultures and societies. It is not only that women in western world are known to drink, even women in the tribes as well as those from ethnic minorities are known to consume liquor.

Most often it is the young girls who tend to fall prey to drinking in their high school. Peer pressure, a perceived need to be accepted and to be seen as being modern makes the girls succumb to drinking. Once the girl has begun to drink, the pressure from the company that she keeps will ensure that the habit continues to grow. Many girls who have strict parents at home do find some kind of thrill in being able to drink and party without the knowledge of the parents and it gives them a sense of rebellion.
An innocent and fun act at this stage can catch up without one’s knowledge and become a life long habit. The consequences on the mental and physical health as well as the external consequences are not understood or pondered upon by the girls at this age.

First and foremost, it is illegal to drink under the age of twenty one in most states. Secondly one is not aware of what one is getting into in the middle of the night. One is not in control of the events or on oneself. Hence there is every chance that the girl can run into some sort of accidents due to drunken driving by self or by the other friends. More dangerously, the girl can find herself compromised and engage in unsafe sex without realizing the impact. Sexual abuse of drunken women and girls is very common and the girls in inebriated state are easy targets.

Alcoholism can quickly become a addictive habit. In the initial stages girls might drink for fun and very fast get dependent upon few drinks to get high. Over a period of time they are likely to head for depression and hallucinations etc if they overstep the limit of safe drinking. It is quite likely that one drinking becomes a habit, they keep increasing the number of drinks they have. Alcohol is a sure but silent killer. It kills the mind, the self as well as the body. The women end up losing control over themselves and their life as well as their health when they take up the bottle.

Women who consume alcohol are likely to cause huge harm to the fetus when if they get pregnant. The child can be born with physical and growth impairment caused due to alcohol consumption by the mother before and during pregnancy. They are likely to end up succumbing to cirrhosis of liver, high blood pressure, kidney failure and brain hemorrhage etc.

This is a major issue that is required to be addressed in all societies. Drinking by women is increasing in the progressive and advanced countries and societies and such trend is not good for the women as well as for the society. The health of the society at large is dependent upon the health of the woman who is the backbone of the family and the society as well.

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