Modern Women, Better Watch Out

Modern woman believes in free thinking and freedom in life. Women in the developed societies are enjoying freedom like never before. Most women of ester years and of current generation have had access to education and opportunities to choose and pursue their careers. Employment sectors opened up to skilled and semi skilled manpower and especially employing women in all sectors. Women are seen to be more productive and responsible when compared to men. Thus gainful employment and income prospects have improved the quality of life of women.

Economic independence of women brings with it a new world of opportunities to the woman to exert her choices in life. The dynamics of relationship and the role of a woman in a marriage and family have been altered thanks to her economic empowerment. It is not uncommon for women to walk out of unhappy or abusive marriages and raise families as single parents. Unlike the popular belief that women are emotional, today’s women have shown that they can be logical and emotional as well. In terms of social and professional achievements, women have proved their mettle in all walks of life and made their presence felt in every male bastion.

It is important to assess the impact of such a change in the personal life of women. True that women are no longer in a submissive role playing the second fiddle and being at the receiving end on all quarters. A balanced and progressive woman is able to walk hand in hand with her partner and should the responsibilities of family and life equally. Women who are truly progressive believe in interdependence and not independence.

The lifestyle of women has changed drastically and women of today live a fast paced life. A materially efficient life does not necessarily mean a healthy life for women. The number of women trying to be the best at office and at home are susceptible to stress, anxiety and other related problems. Many find themselves leading a sedentary life with very less physical activity. The combination of the lifestyle coupled with the stress and the freedom they enjoy is pushing women towards drinking and smoking. It is fast becoming normal for women to drink at the end of the day to relax and unwind. This trend is seen amongst women who belong to the high income groups.

Though women believe that they are enjoying being liberated, they are not able to see the problems they are inviting. The incidences of mental problems, stress related health problems as well as loneliness and suicidal tendencies amongst the women seems to be increasing. The incidence of breast cancer and cervical cancer claiming women’s life too has increased at an alarming rate.

Another ugly problem raising its head is the problem of infertility amongst women. Many women and couples are seen flocking to fertility experts to seek assistance in conception. The medical doctors point out to the current lifestyle and habits of women to be the major factors inhibiting their ability to conceive.

If women have to be truly liberated, they need to look at life and health holistically and learn to balance their lifestyle, roles and expectations out of life. No amount of material advancement or financial freedom will be of help if one looses one’s health.

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