Health for Pregnant Mothers

Nothing worries expectant mums as health and well-being of their little one in womb. They are ready to go for whatever it takes just to be sure that the infant is live and kicking. But it isn’t that easy as it probably sounds. It calls for different measures ranging from excellent diet to exercises that tally with their delicate state. But what exactly does this entail?

For pregnant mothers, taking healthy foods is more imperative than ever! You need extra iron, proteins, calcium, proteins and folic acid. The food you take is the source of nutrients for your beautiful baby. This means that you need more calories than before pregnancy. Balanced meals accompanied by frequent physical fitness remains to be the excellent recipe for the mother to be.

Weight gain during pregnancy is dependent on your body mass index before pregnancy. That is, if you had a normal weight initially a gain of 25 to 30 pounds is good enough. Gain for mothers who were underweight should be between 28 and 40 pounds. For the overweight, this should fall between 15 and 25 pounds. For those living with obesity, 11 to 20 pounds gain is acceptable. The gain in weight should be gradual all through the trimester. Therefore it is necessary for you to have regular checks on your weight to determine whether you are fit.

Calorie needs depends on your goals regarding weight gain. For fitness sake, 300 calories more each day in the last six months serves you well. All calories are not equal. What is important is to ensure that your baby gets the very nutritious foods other than empty calories. Even though you are very careful about what you are taking, do not restrict yourself as this will make the baby to get minerals vitamins and proteins in low quantities which is definitely not your intention.

You may ask which the best category of food for mums is. I shall take you through some foods that work perfectly well for pregnant mothers. Grains that have been fortified or cooked are good for you. Vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins, spinach, and tomatoes make your baby healthy enough. Fruits is a must have as they contain a lot of those nutrients essential for the developing baby. Dairy products that contain low amount of fat are healthy and fit for expectant mothers. A little of meat and beans for provision of proteins is good too.

Water is not only for expectant mothers but also for everyone. Medical experts recommend that the mother take at least ten cups of fluids on daily basis. These may include water, tea, juices and other soft drinks. This is because your body needs to remain hydrated in order to support life that you are carrying.

Having taken what it takes, fitness comes in to help you keep your body parts healthy especially bones, heart and your mind. Take at least two hours in moderate aerobic activities every week. Exercises prevent aches and pains that are experienced during pregnancy and also prepare one better for labor and delivery. They also boost sleep and keep one in general emotional health.

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