What Health and Fitness are All About

Most people misinterpreted health and fitness to mean heavy weight lift or sometimes jumping from high sites repeatedly. Others take it to mean staying slim and starving oneself from food regularly. However, these are all myths and misconceptions about what health and fitness areall about. Some of these practices constitute what needs to be done for a healthy body while others are extreme exaggerations of what should be done. Others are a No for individuals who wish to live a healthy lifestyle. So, what are health and fitness all about? What should someone do to stay healthy and fit always?

Health and fitness

Health is a noun that describes the general state of the body. The word health on its own can mean good health or bad health. However, a healthy individual is one who is in a good state of health and all organs functioning normally. In this state, the body tissues are functioning within the normal reference ranges, and the values of all body analytes are within normal values.


This is a state in which the body muscles and joints can flexibly move about without much straining or being stressed. The body in this state comfortably accommodates little pressure without being much affected.

Attaining a Healthy and fit body

The several practices that people indulge in as practices for keeping a fit body are myths, and some are things that one must not engage in for a fit body. Keeping the body healthy requires sufficient nutrients from the diet on a regular basis. Starving oneself leads to muscle wasting. This weakens the muscles what affects the body strength. This does not however make the body fit but instead makes it less strong to keep up with the requirements of a strong and a fit body. Necessary a healthy and fit body is aregular and regulated intake of essential nutrients needed for tissue growth, repair, and maintenance.

After a balanced diet, regular body activity that involves controlled muscle activity makes the bones remain strong and muscle intact. The nutrient distribution around the body remains facilitated by fast digestion and health gastrointestinal tissues. The strained body will tend to malfunction and reduced efficiency in nutrient absorption interferes with the appropriate use of the nutrients for maintaining healthy tissues. As such, the muscle capability to withstand tension and stress in times it is necessary becomes hard and challenging resulting into a weak body.

The regular controlled practice involves induction with light field activities then followed by heavy activities for the body. Commencing practice with say a 10km run is detrimental to the body of a person who has not been running. It is similarly unhealthy for individuals who have had a long break from the practice. Regular activities should then be maintained at a pace that fits the health and lifestyle of the individual. For beginners, a light jog daily for a month followed by intensive morning and evening runs in the subsequent months, work best when the pace is maintained on a regular basis.

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