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There are many roles that women play when it comes to matters of raising a family. With the current tough economies, women have to be mothers, loving wives as well as career oriented. Considering that they have to observe all this three aspects in a single day, chances are, they have little time for their personal health and fitness concerns. If you have to fight and overcome all this challenges, you are stronger woman, and for that to be possible, you need to be physically fit to counter the on-goings. Since being a career woman requires that you be presentable with appealing status, you need to split up your life into 3 parts.

Part 1
Becoming a mum
Many are the number of woman who have made to this stage successfully giving birth to healthy children. However, carrying it for 9 months is a concern too. Naturally the body will undergo preparation to receive the child to the world. More or so, you have to keep a fitness standard that will enhance delivery. Statistically, it takes only a few hours for physically fit woman to deliver compared to those with health and fitness issues. Therefore, prior to delivery, you have to maintain a healthy diet and carry on with exercising as it will help you through the delivery processes. Besides, the baby will be healthy.

Part 2
Women and marriage
It has been said that marriage eats up a woman to an early ageing period. Well, that being said, how can you keep up your home in without more ado? Being a lover involves that you keep your husband wrapped around your fingers at least that is what you say all the time. Moreover, there comes the need to up keep your children in an honorable way. That is the dream of every woman. If you cannot exercise, your health and fitness will be affected by the stress you are subjected too. But once you manage to hold you family together, you become the view mirror of the family. If you decide to enroll in fitness program, just like mummy, every body will want to emulate.

Part 3
Career woman
Before you think about your career, you must certain that steps one and two are positioned and show positives sign. This is because, career envelopes you into the 3 undertakings. If you decide to continue with your career and the two steps are at a mess, it is enveloping yourself to the mess to. Since that is not what you want, you have to balance your career with the other two involvements. In fact it is very easy to run a stress free career. When you are going for seminars or business trips, consider, the hotel that you opt for, does in have gym, other add-ons such as the spa, sauna etc? Do they offer a variety of healthy food you can opt for? If you can be able to manage the basics, you’ll be securing your health and fitness standards.

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