alesseAlesse is a combination of female hormones (Levonorgestrel and estrogen), which is used for preventing pregnancy. Many physicians prescribe the Drug as it has been found to be very successful in birth control. Alesse blocks the release of the egg from the ovaries. When using Alesse drug, some changes also come in the cervical mucus and the uterine lining, which blocks the sperm from reaching the uterus. These changes also make it harder for the fertilized eggs to stick to the uterus.

A contraception to prevent pregnancy, it has been found that Alesse is 99 per cent effective. You can only prevent pregnancy if the pills are taken regularly without missing the doses. Women who have a 28-day cycle should have to go for a second pack of pills once the first one finishes. Well, Alesse comes in the FDA pregnancy category X, which means that there is a possibility of fetal abnormalities while using Alesse pills. It is better to avoid Alesse when pregnant and also when you think of becoming pregnant. The Alesse pills should also be not used while breast-feeding as the drug is found in breast milk.

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