The Importance of Women’s Health

Before talking about the importance of the health of women, let us first and foremost ask ourselves, what is a woman’s health? It simply refers to the total well-being of a woman. Biological and reproduction are not the sole factors that determines it, but also by the effects created by work load, nutrition, war, migration, stress and others.

In the international community, women’s health have gained some visibility and series of renewed commitments from the governments and non-governmental organization. There have been some set policies and programs that were specially laid down for women to lead better and healthier lives, but while this existed, there were still some gender-based health differences that remain in many countries. The improvement on the health of women have received some major setback, due to limited access the female folk have to education or employment. Other factors are high illiteracy rates, as well as increasing poverty levels.

With all the commitments and efforts that have been invested in achieving some improvements in the health of women, this challenges still persist. A lot of the modest gains that where achieved in women’s health, which were realized in some decades ago, are now being threatened or have even been reversed by factors like war, economic instability, and the pandemic called HIV/AIDS. It is true that things like basic health care programs, family planning as well as obstetric services are very essential for women, but yet they are not available to a large portion of the female population. There should be gender equalities in the healthcare services to enable women participate fully in the planning as well as delivery of health services.

We should all be aware that the health of families as well as a whole community is tied down to that of a women. The illness or death that may occur to a women has severe consequences and far reaching effects on the health and well-being of her children, family as well as community. There is a popular slogan, known as Healthy Women, Healthy World. This sends the message that as custodians of family health, women generally lays a very crucial role in keeping the health and entire well-being of their communities.

What causes death and disability in women, majorly are maternal conditions. A good percentage of maternal death each year occur in the developing parts of the world. Every year, millions of women endure life-threatening complications during pregnancy as well as childbirth. Some of this leads to long term disability in women. Also, early pregnancy or unwanted childbearing, HIV as well as other sexually transmitted diseases, coupled with pregnancy-related illnesses accounts for a greater portion of the health problems experienced by women.

We should know that nearly all maternal deaths are preventable. This can be achieved through timely prenatal as well as postnatal care, skilled birth attendance when giving birth and the presence of emergency care to tackle any complications that may result. In general, the health of women are very important and should not be treated lightly.

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