ovralIf you are planning to have a babe only after a few years and do not want to conceive now, then you can readily go for Ovral, one of the best known birth control pills. The drug has been credited with 90 per cent success rate, which makes it the most sought after pregnancy preventing drug.

Ovral is an oral contraceptive coming in a combination hormone medication. The drug contains progestin hormone and estrogen hormone, which plays a significant role in preventing pregnancy. These hormones prevent the release of the egg from the ovaries, which means they stop ovulation. When Ovral is used, the womb lining and the cervical mucus undergo certain changes. As the changes come into effect, it becomes hard for the sperm to enter the egg and also hard for the fertilised egg to cling on to the uterus wall.

Like all oral contraceptives, Ovral also comes in two packs of 28 pills and 21 pills. Ovral also comes with many side effects and it is better to consult your physician about the possible risks involved in taking the contraceptive. If you are on any other medication and want to take Ovral, better consult the doctor. If you smoke, then quit as it can only bring in more complications to the heart and the blood pressure levels.

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