Life on earth is tied together by Love

Life on earth is tied together by Love. Not many people will understand or agree with this statement. However at a macro cosmic and micro cosmic level, this is true. Nature is an ever changing, every existing, ever new phenomenon. Every being comes into existence, evolves to express the self and to finally exist the show gracefully when the time comes. The entire process of creation, existence and dissolution and this continuous ongoing process in the background of eternity stand on one common thread which is Love. It is the love for the self, for our identification with the nature, love for our creator and sustainer as well as our love for one another that makes life possible.

Nature propagates species through sexual reproduction. In most cases it requires two beings to come together to be able to create a new form of life. Sex is largely instinct bound and exists as one of the basic drives amongst all beings. Logically thinking one might say that if sex is instinct bound, then the process of producing the offspring as well as nurturing the young ones is also driven by instinct. However, this is where nature has cleverly packaged love for one another in all beings and used sexual intimacy and romance to be governed by Love. Thus we see the romantic love driving all beings to find their suitable partners and to build a relationship with one another in order to be ready for procreation. Once the off springs are born, nature has provided for parental love as a binding factor between the parents and the off springs to ensure nurturing and growth of the off springs. Without the maternal and paternal love, the parents would have abandoned their off springs thus exposing the newborn to danger and threat to their existence. Nurturing and providing for the offspring is very much a necessity and it is the love that makes the parents provide for their off springs. This natural law holds good for all species including the humans.

In all species except for humans, love is driven by hormonal changes and sex is driven by instinct. To a large extent love is also driven by instinct. In the case of human beings the drive for sex is a physical drive driven by hormones and experience in the mind where as love is a feelings that is felt in the heart and expressed in the form of emotions. Because the human beings are endowed with powerful mind and intellect that is able to look at feelings objectively and to use reason and logic, the feeling of love is often tinged and mixed with emotions, aspirations and motives. Pure love is hard to find now a days. Pure love for another being arises from the depths of our hearts and not from the mind. Pure love is not colored by any other emotion and flows freely without any conditions what so ever. However in the current times where the circumstances of living are highly complex, the concept of pure love has receded to the background and has been replaced by conditional love that is mutually beneficial. Everybody firsts looks as to what is in there for the self in a relationship. Does it mean that pure love does not exist? No this is not true because pure Love is the basis of our existence and cannot be destroyed at any point of time.

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