Migraines changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy is too much difficult time period in women’s life and she suffers from different problems in this duration. So it is important to take care of pregnant women and should inform to them about its complexities so that pregnant women can spend their time period effectively. Problems during pragnency have been discussed many times in previous studies but in this research the prominent point of discussion is Migraines. It is type of disease in which patient suffer from one side of headache and mostly shown by nausea. Sometimes this problem directly effect on the eyes and disturb the eyesight.

Researcher said that if women has a problem of Migraines then their headache pattern highly disturb during the pregnancy time period. Dr. David Dodick said there is a much possibility that Migraines will improve during pregnancy if you were victimized of Migraines before. It is noticed that mostly women about 70-80% improve from Migraines during pregnancy if they had Migraines before pregnancy. This effectively change occur specially in period of last 6 month during pregnancy, said Professor Dodick.
Researcher also pointed out that if a woman’s Migraines is in relation with menstruation then she got 3 to 4 attacks during pregnancy time period. Dodick added, some women who never suffered from Migraines attack may suffer first time during pregnancy and those women who suffered from lot of Migraines attack then there might be a worse condition of Migraines in this time period. Sometimes women got many complexities during pregnancy due to Migraines and they suffer from sleeping problems, weight gaining and blood vessels complexities during pregnancy period.

Aurora said, it is important for women that if they had Migraines attack, then they should take care of their blood pressure and cholesterol and they should go for check up with short gap of time period. Moreover they should stay away from smoking or better to left it before pregnancy. She continued that women suffered from Migraines should go to a specialist of this disease and should remain in contact on daily basis after and before pregnancy. Migraines specialist may be related to some other field of medicines, like primatologist (especially deal in maternal-fetal medicines) and pharmacologist in pregnancy. Other elements just like exercise, proper sleep and use of effective nutrition are important factor which may help during Migraines.

So it is important that patient should be aware about serious condition and they should be known that how to handle with problems. They must be well aware about the use of medical techniques, researcher said. They should ask to doctor about massage and yoga which can be helpful in this disease.

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