Another vaccination is required who already received HPV vaccine

Women who were vaccinated with papillomavirus (HPV) have more chances to be effected from some stains of the virus than women who were not vaccinated with HPV, a new study reveals.

The study explains that, although HPV vaccine is good in working against HPV virus, but still they can become a victim of high-risk virus as this vaccine is only effective against four. A new HPV vaccine is recently approved that has the ability to provide protection against 9 strains of this type of virus, the researchers of study said.

“Women who were vaccinated with 4-strain vaccine may receive 9-strain vaccine for more protection,” said Fangjian Guo, a postdoctoral fellow in the (UTMB) University of Texas Medical Branch. According to Guo, this is not a final recommendation against HPV virus as more research is required to confirm these results. Currently, HPV vaccine is being recommended to counter cervical cancer in young women of age between 9 to 26 by Centers for Disease Prevention and Control. According to CDCP, some strains of HPV vaccine are connected with cervical cancer so this vaccine is also effective in protecting women from cancer of cervix.

A new study was proposed at the meeting of AACR also called as American Association for Cancer Research. In this study, Guo and his fellow researchers analyzed medical information of more than 600 women of the ages between 20 to 26, and including 80 those women who were vaccinated with original Gardasil vaccine. Gardasil HPV vaccine protects the human from four HPV types – 18, 16, 11 and 6. HPV types 18 and 16 are responsible for cervical cancer.

Women who got Gardasil vaccination were less likely to become victim of four strain of the virus. Nearly 11 percent of women who were vaccinated got infection of HPV 18, 16, 11 or 16 types compared to 20 percent of women who did not receive vaccination.

However, about sixty one percent women who got four-strain vaccination were infected by other high-risk virus of HPV. Contrary to this, only forty percent of total women who were not vaccinated had infection of HPV strains.

After this study, researchers also considered many other points in their research like the number of partners with sexual activity was carried out to find out the risk rate of getting HPV high-risk virus. It is still a fact that women who got original vaccine for HPV had more than 40 percent chances of being attacked by risky HPV virus not entered in the vaccine.

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