Women’s Mental Health and Causes

If you do some comparison between men and women who experience mental health related issues, you will notice that some problems are very common in women than in men. It is a fact that women are most likely to receive treatment for a mental health problem than men. This also express how willing females are ready to acknowledge the fact that they are troubled and get support, or the expectations of the doctor to determine the kind of health problem that women are likely to face. A greater percentage of people who die by committing suicide are women. This is the basic truth, but again it boils down to women’s willingness and readiness to talk to others, share their feelings and seek help. This may just protect them from cultivating and nurturing those suicidal feelings. Being a mother also reduce the possibility of a women to take her own life.

Most times, women find it difficult to express their feelings to others. They prefer to keep it to themselves. This leads to some conditions like depression, eating disorder and a whole lot of things.

It is already an established fact that more women experience depression than men. Men are most likely to express themselves whenever they feel troubled inside. Unlike most women who may not want to share their feelings. The reason for this act is unknown, but we can attribute it to social factors like poverty, isolation as well as biological factors like hormonal changes experienced by women. There could also be post-natal depression, which may affects most women that have given birth.

Women also have a longer life expectancy, which means that they are more likely to outlive their partners and move into residential care. This also points to the fact that they are at a more likely risk of depression that is somehow related to some psycho-social factors. Older people are also faced with more difficult life events and stress daily than younger people. This may provide a simple explanation to the reason why they have a slightly higher risk of depression.

If you consider the cases of self-harm that occurs almost every day, you will discover that the people that are mostly involved are women.

Women are also likely to experience some anxiety disorder than the male folks. A greater percentage of people with phobia or obsessive compulsive disorder cases are women. Phobia is also another factor that affects women.

Women are also the highest people to experience dementia. It is a known fact that dementia increases with age and women have a high life expectancy than men.

Eating disorders
This is another case that occurs most in women than in men. Younger women are most likely to develop one.

Post-traumatic stress disorder
More women are affected by this worldwide. This is because women are more exposed to more sexual violence. There is a higher risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder in women after any event.
Women are very important in our society and as such, anything that relates to their health should be given much attention. Also, women should also endeavor to express their feelings whenever they feel down or depressed. They can also go and see a trained counsellor to help them get through.

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